Go, prepare, proclaim
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By Rev. Don Taylor

Faith Lutheran Church

In one more post-resurrection experience our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ comes to his disciples with news and a job for them. We often hear these words at a funeral service to bring comfort to the hearers, and it is a part of the long farewell discourse of Jesus found in the fourth gospel, “the Gospel According to John.” Jesus tells the disciples that there is in Heaven one large mansion, with many rooms, and there is a place for all believers in that one mansion. They need to hear that they are part of one large mission of the one God whom they worship and that they are called to do three things with the rest of their lives. The rooms are not different but the same. Best Western motel chain can offer you three choices: regular, plus and premier. The heavenly mansion treats us all alike and fairly.

He models for them by sharing where he has been, why he is leaving them and where he is going. Simply stated, he says, I am going to prepare a place for you, and by my actions I am proclaiming what I also expect of my disciples. After I depart this is what all true believers are to do: go, prepare and proclaim about Jesus what Jesus has come to do for all people! He concludes by reminding that he will send a helper in a few more days, and he will return on the last day to bring home all those who have died and who are still alive, because this is what MY Father sent me to do.

There are many people out in the world today that would be benefited by the message of God’s love that we have heard from pulpits throughout our lives. It is about a Savior who died for us that we might have eternal life and the abundance of God by receiving and living in the relationship he wants for us, but they will not hear, and they will not respond unless Christian disciples of the Master are willing to GO and PREPARE Christ’s Way for God’s people.

Now you may notice, if you read the account in John 14:1-14, it never says there are many mansions meaning many different denominations, but one, and it never says denominational divisions should be separating the message of Jesus. It says, “Disciples are to go and prepare the way of Christ for all to hear.

And so we think about the proclaiming of His entire Word. What wonderful assurance we find in hearing them of the one who has died in Christ now being taken up to the residence in God’s heavenly home. Jesus has gone to prepare a place for each of us. It is all about in a relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit—One God, and in Jesus we know all that we need to know about God, and it is our human nature to be in relationship with other humans; likewise, it is human nature to seek a relationship with the divine.

It is a story used so often at funerals because there we need hope the most. Our time on this world is limited, and we have much to do, places to go, people to prepare for life without us. We are called to go, prepare and proclaim in this world because we want one day to be fully and forever with Christ.
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