Pettus ISD school board, Part 2
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(Because of its length, this letter is being continued from last weekend’s edition.)


Clifford Bagwell told me that he had never seen me at any board meetings when he was school board president. He is correct that I used to not attend the meetings—until the present board president encouraged me, my husband and many others to attend due to decisions that were being made. When we started attending, my husband decided to run for a position on the school board because people were needed who could make better decisions than were being made. Many people from the community would come and speak to James because he would speak for people who were afraid to. How quickly people forget that when needed, he was there and now comments on Facebook state how he and the president of the board need an a-- kicking. Who are the adults here? James is not a vindictive person. Bagwell also forgets he was in a similar scenario of having to pay out a superintendent double of what we are paying Mr. Thompson. Maybe he would like to state the reason why this was not also brought out to the public; could it be that it has to stay confidential or the only one that can bring it out is the superintendent?

I also stated that some of the children of the board members were bullied by students and faculty of our school, and a teacher was making conversation with the students about what is going on, and one student stated that he wished someone would just burn our board president. We should never bring a conversation like this into the classroom; we should be focusing on the upcoming STAAR testing and preparing our students.

Lupita Martinez, the previous cafeteria supervisor, who retired after 27 years due to no support from the superintendent, was not mentioned at all in the previous two papers. I feel what she had to say was very important information that the community needed to know. I myself feel the Bee-Picayune is a little biased, only printing out what they want.

If you would speak to the community of Skidmore-Tynan ISD, they would tell you how excited they were when this AD resigned from their school. I feel that if the truth would come out, we could understand why. There are also conflicting reasons why the AD is leaving; first, he stated he was leaving to pursue other opportunities in the education profession, and now he and the other coaches feel there is no trust in the board. Which one is it? Are they afraid that the reason for Thompson’s resignation may also affect them?

There are many things happening in our school right now that are morally wrong. The vice president of the school board having the administration’s secretary type up and send out to selective employees of our school an invitation to a farewell party for the Thompsons at the Krugers’ home, announcing that there would be wine and beer served, is not right. And to pay taxpayer money to the admin secretary when she should also be focusing on her duties at school is not right either.

Please make every attempt in the future to attend the school board meetings every month so that you can see how things are voted in from our board members, and you will see and not make accusations when you don’t even know what is really going on.

Missy Dunn
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