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This is an answer to Alfredo A Garcia Jr. (letter published last Saturday).

You have been critical of President Obama and the Democrats for a long time; now you are accusing me of being critical? Your critical eye could use a practical lens.

I was not making accusations, only asking for a logical explanation. Next time you read a letter, make sure it has a period or a question mark before implying it’s a statement.

I’m going to tell you why I’m concerned. A close member of my family was shot and killed in 1988; the cop that shot him shot him six times in the back and then claimed self-defense.

With the help of one of my friends a letter was drafted to William Session, FBI director at that time, asking for an investigation.

The investigation was done, and there was a jury indictment. At no time was the family asked to give their side of their story, and neither were they told when the indictment took place. A story is like a coin—there are two sides.

The first investigation after the shooting was conducted by a Texas Ranger who found nothing wrong.

Cops are only human, and they make mistakes too.

If they make a serious mistake, let the punishment fit the crime; don’t use protocol (different set of rules)—one for common people another for law enforcement personal.

Please, no more killing.

Be like the animal control officer. He take animals alive. Dogs are dangerous too.

In conclusion, Alfredo, I never said the deputies were stupid. I believe they are very smart because dead people don’t talk.

My letters are never unfounded and ridiculous; they are sad but true.

Cipriano Carabajal Perez
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