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Who is? Who ain’t? Who will? Who won’t? Who’s in? Who’s out?

It’s that time again, when those of us that keep up with the Kardashians of Beeville Politicos must step up to the plate, choose the candidate that we think is best qualified and hope we hit a home run when the final vote count comes in.

After looking at where we are now and how we got here, and how and why each commissioner voted on minor and major issues, I must say I am concerned.

Things I see, what I hear and what I read concerning Commissioner Court decisions is most upsetting. It seems there’s always tension and bickering between them — and that usually leads back to party lines, who’s a Democrat and who’s a Republican.

This is crazy! Why can’t our elected officials make decisions for the betterment of all Bee County citizens — and not some special interest individual, special interest group or a particular county department? These things are not always obvious to those of us that are “out of the loop,” but upon a closer look — see that the motives usually come to the surface. People in the know do have a tendency to talk! All we have to do is listen.

Bee County is growing and will continue to do so — with positive strong leadership. Please visit with the candidate representing your precinct. This is an important election! Choose the person with undeniable Christian beliefs and values, a person that practices fairness and equal opportunity, believes in good, honest government and isn’t afraid to come out against the status quo to make the right decisions.

I’ve been in Beeville since July 1976, and have watched Beeville grow and have observed people at their worst and their best. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the evil, but, I have never changed my opinions. I’m a strong conservative and firmly believe in economic growth that benefits all people.


Pat Kopecky
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