More confusion and distortions
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Here we go again — more confusion from Cipriano C. Perez. In a letter to the editor in last Saturday’s edition of the Bee-Picayune, Mr. Perez said the following:

“The investigation of a man fatally shot and killed by Bee County deputies brings out the past of a victim killed in present time... I would like to hear a good explanation why he was shot and killed.

“Is our good sheriff going to say that his deputies are only human and that the suspect was inhuman?

“The fact that the suspect was bipolar made him mentally disabled. Now, I understand why there are so many evading arrest in Bee County. It’s not that they are evading arrest; they are trying to stay alive; they (the evaders) fear for their life.”

He seems to be implying that the sheriff’s office is investigating itself, that they purposely released the suspect’s criminal history in order to make him look bad and justify the shooting, that the deputies involved in the shooting are stupid, so stupid that they don’t have the common sense to see what is so obvious — the fact (according to Perez) that the crash that led to the shooting occurred as a result of the suspect’s inability to retain control of his vehicle, not as a result of any criminal intent by the suspect — that the sheriff and his deputies are hateful and cold-blooded and that they have been killing the suspects who have been evading arrest.

First, the investigation is ongoing (so nobody has any answers yet), and it’s being conducted by the Texas Rangers, not the sheriff’s office.

Second, the suspect’s criminal history was obtained and released by the Bee-Picayune, not the sheriff’s office.

Third, I don’t know about the events that led to the shooting or whether or not the deputies are stupid, but neither does Perez.

Finally, as far as I know, neither the sheriff nor any of his deputies have shot and killed anybody for evading arrest.

Perez’s accusations are unfounded and ridiculous.


Alfredo Acuna Garcia Jr.
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