The investigation
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The investigation of a man fatally shot and killed by Bee County deputies brings out the past of a victim killed in present time. In his past are crimes committed and paid for — if he went to prison he paid the debt to society. The suspect was driving at a high speed rate after going over spikes; that explains why he ran into the deputy’s car. Have you ever had a flat and tried to make a quick stop or even tried to control your car when it has no traction? I would like to hear a good explanation why he was shot and killed.

Is our good sheriff going to say that his deputies are only human and that the suspect was inhuman?

The fact that the suspect was bipolar made him mentally disabled. Now, I understand why there are so many evading arrest in Bee County. It’s not that they are evading arrest; they are trying to stay alive; they (the evaders} fear for their life. What once was a badge of honor has now become a badge of terror! Who will be the next victim? Your son or your daughter or my son or my daughter? And to think that this could only happen in Phoenix, Ariz., where Joe Arpaio is sheriff. It looks like his hatefulness is becoming contagious, not just in Beeville but all over this nation. The people that take an oath to protect us are using us for target practice. A peace officer’s job is to maintain peace and order by making arrests and not to act as prosecutor, judge and jury. The public is waiting for a logical explanation if there is any on why the suspect was killed!

Cipriano C. Perez
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