Where’s the reason?
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Someone once said (paraphrased): “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Case in point: the controversy regarding the Confederate battle flag.

The Bee-Pic editorial appearing in the Sept. 28 issue was arguably one of the finest examples of a measured response to inflammatory rhetoric. Jeff Latcham ended the editorial with a call for reason and unity.

Fast forward to the Bee-Pic issue of Oct. 5. One of our county commissioners had the audacity to claim that Latinos and blacks are victims of the misinformed, insensitive Anglos. (What happened to reason and unity?)

Well, here we go again. We’re witnessing Chicago Politics 101 as championed by Saul Alinsky. When your radical ideas fail to gain a following, you attack your opponents, resorting to character assassination, intimidation and playing the race card.

Sad to say, we’ve come to expect this disease of vicious and pathetic posturing from our politicians in Washington, D.C. Now, it would appear that our Bee County Commissioners Court has been similarly infected.

Martin Luther King Jr. prayed that (paraphrased): “We be judged by the quality of our character, not the color of our skin.”

Let’s pray that the character, words and actions of our Bee County Commissioners Court and our beloved United States of America will, one day, reflect Martin Luther King Jr.’s “dream.”

Daniel G. Winters
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