Fed up with post office delay
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OK, here I go. I have put off writing a letter to the editor long enough and am fed up now. On May 25, 2013, several businesses is Pettus were flooded because of the Medio Creek overflowing from a rain storm due to poor drainage. Upon this flooding, the Pettus Post Office was closed and is still closed. It’s three months later, and we are still having to drive to Kenedy to get our mail.

I was told that they (whoever “they” are) have no idea when the post office will be reopening. Do you realize how inconvenient it is for the people of Pettus to have to drive all the way to Kenedy, just to get their mail?! Round trip, it is 30 miles...15 miles there, 15 miles back. IT’S NOT FAIR, and this has gone on too long! For people like me, who drive pickup trucks, that is A lot of gas money, just to go get your mail. This is totally unfair to the people of Pettus, and I think something needs to be done about it! I have seen somebody working on the post office, maybe two times since the flood. What’s up with that? Instead of letting us pick up our mail in Tuleta, which is only three miles (six miles total) from Pettus, we have to drive 30 miles to get our mail. What if it was the Beeville post office that closed, and the people there would have to drive all the way to Skidmore to get their mail? You wouldn’t want to do that, would you? Of course you wouldn’t!! Therefore, why isn’t something being done about opening the Pettus post office?

I am very frustrated, as are a LOT of people in Pettus. It’s not fair, I hope something will be done as soon as possible. Please, please somebody help us get our post office re-opened! We are tired of driving all the way to Kenedy just to get our mail. Not fair, not fair, not fair!

Gina Kissee
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