Sitting on water
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Greetings to everyone.

To Diane Slayton – a thank you, very well said on City Council problems. Also to Earnest J Meador, a much deserved pat on the back to you, sir. I hate to say, but I will, that this city consists of “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”

Now, on the Aug. 21, 2013 newspaper issue, the talk about renovation of Emma Finke apartments without the agenda agreement? What’s this? More BHA broken promises? And the renovation – I hope it doesn’t mean just a facelift to make it look pretty and cover up deeper problems like the sewer backup we had here at the Dolan Apartments a few days ago. This happens quite often. A very nasty and unsanitary problem. If you ask me, some of these apartments need to be torn down. Period. They are old, the sewer is really bad; the lines under the apartments are forever leaking (talk about water wasted). BHA workers told me that my apartment is sitting on water, and they can’t go down there to fix it.

If I go down a sinkhole, you’ll know the reason. I’ve been here a short time and was not warned of this problem until I was already settled here. They should’ve told me! We need better BHA management.

I don’t think $147,000 will build better apartments with good plumbing. So – good luck with that, and yes, we, the low-income people NEED better homes.

We hope it happens. Have a good day.


Ortencia C. Cantu

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