Time for leaders to bite the bullet
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We citizens have been asked by our elected leaders to bite the bullet. Well, we have bitten the bullet so long and so hard that we are now tasting gunpowder.

I propose that it is now time for our leaders to set the example and take a healthy bite on this bullet. Lets start with our Congress.

Let all of them take a 20% pay cut for two years. Let them cut their staff by 10% and those remaining bite some of this bullet by taking a 15% pay cut for two years. Let all other political appointees and their staff be reviewed by an oversight committee to see where they can be reduced or eliminated. All government employees above the GS 13 level take a 10% pay cut for two years. I believe that this would be only a couple of drops in the bucket, but if a lot more of our leaders would have to wash the taste of gunpowder out of their mouths, they might start talking some straight talk to us, the very people they are supposed to be serving. We may find out who is people-serving and who is self-serving.

Earnest J. Meador CPO USN Ret.
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