Karnes City leaders making room for new development
by Bain Serna
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KARNES CITY – Future housing development and changes to city street infrastructure was a focal point issue of the July 23 regular monthly meeting of the Karnes City City Council.

The council approved to make a change and rerouting of Cleveland Street in order to allow for housing development and expansion. A certain section of Cleveland that runs through the sewer plant will be undedicated and will no longer be Cleveland Street. The nearby alley way will then be expanded and made into a street that will then be dedicated as Cleveland Street.

“The problem with Cleveland Street is that it went through our sewer plant,” explained City Manager Don Tymrak. “To allow development, what we did was undedicate that portion of Cleveland Street inside the sewer plant and replanted the block next to the sewer plant to turn that alley into Cleveland Street, which meant making it bigger and whatnot. It‘s about reconfiguring that block so it can be developed.”

Tymrak explained how a street or section of street that is no longer needed can be “undedicated” by the city, and can then be made available for whatever purpose is chosen or needed.

“Where Cleveland Street was inside the sewer plant, we couldn’t use it there and we didn’t need it,” continued Tymrak. “We want to use this block with these twelve lots on it (for development). So what we’ll do is turn these lots around so they look like they’re facing the alley and then what we’ll do is widen the alley and dedicate it as a street, in this case Cleveland Street.”

In other matters, the council approved certain tree landscaping as well as a flag garden for the city park.

Crepe Myrtle trees were chosen to replace a number of trees in the city park that had previously died, as well as to have the Crepe Myrtles add to the overall landscaping and foliage of the park.

A flag garden will be also added and it will be a concrete pad that will be attached to the walkway that goes around the park. On the concrete pad will be with three flag poles. The flag poles will fly the flags of Karnes City, Texas, and the United States.

The base of the flag poles will be a recessed area of engraved bricks. There will also be a new plaque dedicating the park, as well as a new park bench.

City officials state that the flag garden area will be large enough to be used for various ceremonial purposes.

Work on the new trees and flag garden projects are set to begin this week.
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