Sermon of the week: If we only ask!
by Rev. Gary Conklin, pastor at Faith Lutheran Church
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The text this week is Luke 11: 1-13 and focuses on prayer. What do we really know about prayer and do we really take the time to pray?

Jesus prayed, and He prayed a lot! In our scripture today we see Jesus praying, and when He is done one of his disciples ask him “Lord teach us to pray.” They wanted to pray like Jesus prayed because they saw how intense and how much He prayed. They knew that prayer was important, and they wanted to learn the correct way to pray. So Jesus gave them a great example of a prayer that would always be sufficient. This prayer is known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” Most of us know this prayer well; however, do we really take the time to stop and think about what it is we are asking God for in this prayer? I think not! Most of us recite this prayer on Sunday or during our devotions and go on with our lives without really meaning what we say or what we ask for. We need to take more time to truly study and understand what this great example of a prayer really means. This could be a great devotional study for you, to discover just what we are asking for when we pray “The Lord’s Prayer.”

Anyway, after Jesus teaches this prayer, he then gives us examples of people with extreme requests that get answered. He tells us that if these people have their requests answered then how much more God in Heaven will answer our prayers. He tells us that we need to ask all the time, be in constant prayer and ask habitually and faithfully! The point here is not that we will always get exactly what we ask for, but that God will answer us in His own way because we are in constant contact with Him. We are not relegated to last-minute begging or pleading or bargaining with God.

God is not like the indifferent neighbor or a hostile judge; he is like a loving father, only more loving! We can trust his goodness and do not need to beg or bargain with Him in prayer to get our answers. We only need to remember to go to Him in prayer often and faithfully every day. We need to make our prayers like an ongoing conversation with God, one that does not end. We should wake up in the morning and start our day by saying “Good morning, God” and continue that conversation all day long, ending with “Good night, God” when we go to sleep. When we can get into this daily habit we can fully realize how to pray and what to pray and better understand what we are asking of God when we pray.

May God bless you in your prayer life, and may our Lord and Savior teach us to pray!
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