Agrees with Gonzales letter
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I want to thank Mr. Gonzales for his statement on Beeville’s hospital. I’ve complained to their administration but not to the public. When I first got here, we had good doctors and two good surgeons, but now we don’t have any good ones. Why did they leave?

I broke my foot and went to the ER (probably $800 for that). They took X-rays and said it was just sprained. I was in misery for four days until an appointment with a heart doctor. He insisted on X-rays in Alice. They called the next day and said the foot was broken in three places. They could not understand why they couldn’t see it. I saw the break and I’m no doctor. It took surgery, and a screw was put in.

In April, I had a heart attack. I begged them not to take me to Christus Spohn Beeville. Finally, they took me to Corpus Christi. They always ask who your emergency contact number is. I could have died and my daughter would not have known, as it took them six hours to call her. I’ve complained to the administration, and they say they’ll get back to me, but they never do.

The director and the administration are responsible to bring in good doctors to the hospital. Why can’t they keep any and what’s going on? The people of Beeville need good care. I had a specialist say I needed an MRI but told me not to get it in Beeville. That should tell you something.

One more story: My friend’s dad, who is 94, had problems and went to the ER; they kept him in the ER from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. waiting on a bed. My friend went to the second floor to look around, and there were three rooms available. One had one bed, and two rooms had two beds that were empty. Why were they waiting? Are they lazy, or do they just not care?

We need a new director and a new administrator.

Thank you, David Gonzales.


Darlene Ventiquattro
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