Duty and responsibility
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It is the duty and responsibility of a moral civilian society to maintain and uphold the quality and dignity of life provided to us by our founding fathers and its constitution.

When we as citizens allow ourselves to become victims of an institution or entity of society who no longer fulfills the purpose for which it was established, then it becomes our duty to modify or amend its internal structure.

There is an institution locally here in town (the hospital) whose function is no longer adequate or efficient. There appears to be a strong callous and indifferent approach to the medical needs of the citizens who supposedly they are to serve. The policy and practices of the hospital seem to be in the hands of an elite group of people whose regards for the needs of its citizens are of little value or concern. Furthermore, it also seems as if those in the medicine field have been convinced that they are helpless, that they must accept and condone the situation as given for fear of future retribution.

When we acquiesce to such negative and harmful practices, then we are just as guilty and at fault as those who propagate such practices.

Take a look around your community, and you will discover that there is a great need.

There are five if not more centers for the care of the elderly and destitute. The citizens in these centers not only need the services of an adequate medical facility, but their very lives depend on them. To take away their services is to deprive them of their very existence. It is not only medically wrong, but also morally. The mark of a good doctor or one in the medical field is not how well he or she was trained, but how he/he uses this training to help those who need it. The love and compassion he brings to his patients. The lack or void of this love will bring destruction to his/her profession.

It is not only sad but also tragic to see that destruction and complacency of the hospital and the medical staff has already taken root. However, the Bible tells us that, when we remove ourselves from the love of God and rely on our own selfish needs, we shall surely perish.

Davis Gonzales
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July 14, 2013
Well said!