St. Paul Lutheran Church, Runge: Declare how much God has done for you
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The gospel lesson at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Runge on June 23rd was taken from the eighth chapter of Luke verses 26-39. Jesus had sailed to a country named Gerasenes and the people there worshiped many different pagan gods. The people had lost hope and accepted wrong actions as if that was their fate. When Jesus arrived, a man possessed by demons asked Jesus for help to drive out the demons and Jesus did. The man became a follower of Jesus. When the people of the town heard what had happened, they were afraid and full of fear of this Jesus and asked Jesus to depart from them. Jesus told the man from whom the demons had gone to "Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you." Only one- the man who had demons--followed Jesus and told others what God had done for him. In other accounts of this event, we learn that Jesus returned some time later and a crowd of 4000 people greeted Jesus. They were there to worship not their little gods any more, but now to worship the only Son of the Most High God.

So many people today have lost hope and accepted their fate. People are influenced by others as to what to believe. Some say it's alright to kill unborn children. Others tell you to believe things which the Bible clearly does not condone. Demons control some people. The devil is always at work.

We Christians are the disciples of Christ and we are to proclaim what God has done for us to a broken world out there. We hold on to a greater amount of hope. Jesus is the Christ and we can trust him. There's a world living in tombs of despair and we are to do as the man did and "declare how much God has done for you". As we tell others about the Savior and how he changes lives, others will turn their lives toward following Jesus. Turning to God is not always what we want but what we need. God wants us to change and become what he wants us to be and do. We worship the Son of the Most High God. This Jesus, thank God, is our Savior.

Next Sunday the congregation at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Runge will travel to St. John Lutheran in Goliad for a polka worship service and lunch starting at 10:30. Wednesday nights at 6:30 is Bible study at the church. Vacation Bible School will be July 22-26. Come join us as we love to "Tell the Story".
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