Supreme Court ruling will help clean up voter fraud
by Jeff Latcham
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The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision yesterday on the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act will no doubt bring cries of Jim Crow rising from the dead in some circles.

That’s as much for fund-raising purposes and political posturing as anything.

Coming as no surprise to regular readers, we applaud the ruling in that it opens the door for Texas’ Voter ID law, which is long overdue. Voter fraud has been all too real for all too long here in South Texas.

As Bee County’s former State Rep. Jose Aliseda noted when he helped sponsor the bill two years ago, “I believe it is very important that we pass this legislation. I heard testimony from election officials who confirmed they had seen cases of voter impersonation in past elections, but were powerless to stop it. We also discovered that there are 12 counties in Texas where there are more registered voters than citizens over 18 eligible to vote.

“Along with my own experience of investigating and prosecuting voter fraud, I believe this is a good bill for Texas, will help to protect the integrity of every vote and, perhaps more importantly, help our citizens have more trust in our electoral outcomes.”

To answer charges that some voters cannot afford a photo identification card, the law provides for free voter identification cards provided by the Department of Public Safety, which is already preparing to accept applications.

The IDs will be available to voters who do not yet have a viable form of ID, such as a driver’s license, a concealed handgun license, a passport or military ID. Applicants must show proof of citizenship at a DPS driver’s license office to receive one.

In an age when an ID is required to cash a check, board a flight, or even enter many federal buildings, it’s silly that we’ve looked blindly askance when transacting our most precious of freedoms.

We don’t want to keep anyone who’s legal to vote from doing so. We just want everyone to have the same, single vote to which we all are entitled. No more. No less.
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