Students end fourth six-week grading period
by Teresa Janak
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Second-graders are excited to wrap up the fourth six weeks. They have worked hard on reading informational texts, identifying patterns, labeling features of the water cycle, and much more. They also continue to model what a good citizen looks like each day.

Over the past six weeks, second-graders learned about long vowel sounds and vowel pairs. They engaged in informational texts and demonstrated their understanding of sequencing in a text. Students used manipulatives to solve multiplication and division word problems. They also used these tools to create additive and repeating patterns.

In social studies, second-graders learned about the functions of government. They can identify and explain services that the government provides. In science, the students explored the water cycle and the night sky. They know how the water cycle is carried out. They can also describe how the sun, moon, and stars work together.

Sixth-grade news

Sixth-graders are buzzing with numerous activities and affairs from baseball to 4-H.

At school, in reading and language arts classes, sixth-graders are focusing on poetry and figurative language.

Students are also handling time and temperature problems as well as they determine elapsed or projected times and temperatures using their problem solving knowledge and formula charts.

They are working with simple machines in science (especially inclined planes and pulleys). They are not only observing and making conclusions, but they are getting hands-on application activities through direct problem solving attached to these concepts.

Social studies students are still in the eastern hemisphere and they are focusing now on Southeast Asia after having just wrapped up their perusal of Japan and Korea and Russia. Students are studying the political approaches of these cultures upon their societies as well as noting their key leaders’ impact on history then and now. Students are able to note the “rights” afforded the citizenry through the presence or absence of written constitutions and charters.

Following are the fourth six weeks “Wall of Fame” honorees:

Jadan Butler, Gerardo Diaz, Christiana Cuellar, Kiana Flores, Megan Fielding, Kaci Hotz, Sabrina Martin and Tony Soto.

Pre-kindergarten news

In March, students will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday with many activities, including making green eggs and ham. Students will also be going to La Bahia Nursing Home for an Easter Egg hunt.

Students are reviewing all of the letters in the alphabet as well as recognizing the numbers 1-30.

Nurse news

March is National Nutrition Month. Elementary students will receive a “My Plate” flyer during March to take home to parents to use as a guide for healthy eating. Children need to eat something healthy after school, but there’s no time to cook something nutritious.

Some suggestions for no-cook healthy snacks:

1. Make a frozen treat by dipping a peeled banana in yogurt, rolling in crushed cereal and then freezing.

2. Shake up a fruit smoothie by combining a half-cup each of low-fat yogurt and chilled 100 percent fruit juice in a container with a lid, and then shake.

3. Use fun-shaped cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches made with lean meat, low-fat cheese and whole-grain bread.

4. Have fresh fruit and veggies cleaned, cut and in a bowl in refrigerator ready to eat with low-fat dip.

5. Freeze green or red grapes in small ziplock bags for quick snacks.

Counselor news

During the month of February, students learned about diligence in counseling classes.  

They discovered that beavers are very diligent workers and that sloths are the opposite types of workers. Students understand that sometimes they have to do things they may not like to do, but diligence in our work and attitude will help finish a task to the best of our ability.  

Students were given bookmarks with the poem “Memory Work” on it to help them remember to concentrate, work with all their heart, set a goal and make the right choices.  

Upcoming events

March 1-7 – PTO Bookfair

March 4-8 – Public School Week

March 6 – Report Cards; Bookfair Family Night 4 to 7 p.m.
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