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by Arnold Macias Bayside
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In reference to the two letters in the Refugio County Press edition March 27.

Robert Shultz and Martha Lamson are bellyaching, crying, groaning and moaning, still whining and whimpering, about the two candidates who lost their $50,000 jobs, and were legally removed from the November ballot.

I noticed Shultz said he was not impressed by my Bible verses. God gave all scripture to everyone.

There is a Bible verse, “infants need milk to grow.”

Shultz also said, he uses newspaper print to feed his tomatoes. I can imagine the tomatoes absorb black ink, then Shultz eats tomatoes contaminated with the ink.

Martha Lamson was absolutely lost, she said, I’d like to know how that rule, election code section 162.015 wormed itself into the state Legislature.

Little does Martha know how a law is passed in the state of Texas.

Both are too lazy to go online and download the election rules.

I am going to ask Robert and Martha to open their Bibles and study, Romans 13:1 “Everybody is subject to the governing authorities established by God.”

Therefore, Robert and Martha need to accept authority.

Refugio county administrator, Honorable Rachel Garcia and Honorable Bernice Macias were doing their jobs, through the vested authority of the state of Texas and the Secretary of State.

Written records are filed; election rule section 162.06 affiliation by taking an oath (b) I hereby affiliate myself with the (candidate signature of Democrat or

Republican Party) signed and dated by the candidate, that wants to be on the ballot.

Robert Shultz and Martha Lamson, passed judgment on themselves, through their emotional status that controlled their intelligence.

All because, two candidates did the opposite of election rules, lost their jobs and removed from the November ballot.

This reminds me when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, Moses followers did the opposite, they “wandered in the wilderness” for 40 years.

In American history, George W. Bush, did the opposite of the Ten Commandments and left American citizens, wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.

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