Our nation’s security
by Arnold Macias Bayside
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The problems in our nation are created by man. Never in the history of the United States has there been a group of people who are above the law that can rise to power like the Bush family.

George H. Bush left office with a deficit. George W. Bush left office with a huge deficit. This is a like father, like son, who were not successful in leading our nation.

The Gulf war led by pappa-Bush and Freedom Iraq war led by “Bush Jr.” When you read the bible story of King David and his son, King Solomon, they were both successful because they were close to God.

Our national security failed, New York’s twin towers were attacked while under both no. 41 and no. 43 U.S. Presidents.

Today the national security is being scrutinized for leaks. It is my opinion maybe Bradley Manning and Ed Snowden do have information about the Bush family!

Red flags should have been waving in congress, when George W. Bush became the first appointed U.S. President. The exploratory presidential committee, ways and means committee and the judicial committee never raised a red flag about George W. Bush’s back ground check, as a failure in the military as a soldier, who went AWOL and had alcohol problems.

Helen Thomas, white house reporter, asked George W. Bush, why did you invade Iraq? And was it about the oil in Iraq? Bush replied, you know, “I really did not want to go to war with Iraq!” Bush never replied about the oil.

In rhetoric versus reality, Bush could have vetoed going to war with Iraq!

Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O’Conner said “Bush versus Gore was a mistake, on a 5-4 vote stop to recount Florida, the decisive state.

At the September 22, 2006 United Nations general assembly Hugo Chavez called George W. Bush, “the devil,” imperialist with false democracy!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said why does the United States send their sons and daughters to be killed?

The United States had more war fatalities then all other coalition forces.

A “stumbling block,” for those who fall should be a lesson for our nation. Read Romans 11:12, Now if their fall is for riches for the world and their failure riches the gentiles. Read Mark 34:36, What will a man profit if he gains the whole world and looses his soul? The Bush family always blames Muslim leader “Alqueda.”

Rhetoric versus Reality, who is in control in closing U.S. Embassies? My opinion the U.S.A. fears “Alqueda,” why? Pappa Bush, Gulf War should have never stirred up those brotherhood Muslims over oil.

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