Gold & rule
by Arnold Macias
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As we celebrate the “Resurrection” of Jesus Christ, this Easter Sunday, witnessed and recorded by his apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 3:16 “God gave his only begotten son”, to save the world, that who so ever believe in him have eternal life. Chief Priest, and Pharisees, opposed Jesus, Ministry. Jesus was brought before Pontius Pialte at 9 a.m.; and sentenced to be flogged, crucified with crown of thorns, later buried in a tomb. In those days republicans had all the authority of the laws. Today, We have republicans who have authority of our national laws!

These wealthy “Socialist” People are in the United States and foreign countries. There are several “secret societies”, that are not open to the general public! Beginning with 1. Creature from Jekyll Island, in Georgia, 2. Bohemian Grove, California the most powerful men in the world, 3. Bilderberg group, and also 4. New world order secret power elite with Globalist agenda; they all control money in the banks, religion, education, commerce, gas and diesel fuel, and world government. You would think where do they posses the authority to control our lives.

Jesus said, Matt:11:28 “Come unto me and I will give you rest”, By who’s authority? Matt: 28:18 “ All Authority has been given unto me”. Jesus came in to this worlds to minister, the way, the truth, and the eternal life!

Today our United States government want to burden Tax-Payers with a needless 10 year Iraq war, needless sequestration budget, needless spending. So why not make a true confession? They may incriminate themselves. The only reason is Antichrist men have “ The Gold N Rule”, over lower class of people. All because wealthy men want to make fast and easy money. These “Secret Society” members go back to “the ways of the world”!

As Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate, John 19:11 Pilate said, are you a king? These publicans have changes against you speak up, don’t you know I have the power (authority) to crucify and save you, speak up!? Jesus replied, you don’t have any power! Jesus Christ had a good cause, for everyone!”

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