What nice folk
by Charles Lopez
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As an owner of two small businesses in Rockport, I do travel to some local destinations as part of my work.

On Tuesday, April 4, I did happen to travel through Refugio on the way to Goliad; unfortunately my small used fuel efficient Ford Focus happened to die at a stop sign entering Refugio.

As I sat there for half an hour, several fine citizens stopped to offer assistance and I graciously declined their help for I had someone coming to assist me.

“What nice folk,” I could not help but wonder.

Moments later, two cars come around the bend from the north, traveling in synchronized fashion.

They pass by. A quarter mile down, they both turn back, once again, in synchronized fashion stop behind me.

A young woman gets out of the lead car and asks if I need her help, and I tell her the same, I have help coming.

She said she was going to Port Aransas from Austin and decided to stop and help.

As she turns back to her car she stops short and looks back at me and tells me, “Actually that is not why I stopped. God told me to stop and offer you a blessing as well as give you this.”

She handed me $100 in cash. I was stunned as she took my hand and gave me a blessing.

Fifteen seconds later, she said God bless you turned and left.

I attempted to refuse the money but she had a look in her eyes full of life, kindness and had an aura of spirituality I dare not refuse.

Ladies and gentlemen reading this, I did not need the money.

But her generosity and spirituality is what stayed with me.

It is 3 a.m. as I write this to show you the impression it made.

I also have helped others in the past, and was contemplating giving money to a deserving individual I know.

Notice I said deserving, not needy.

For an act of kindness can be contagious.

And with all the doom and gloom the world gives us these days; it is great and inspiring to share a true story as this.

As a matter of fact, just days ago, my 96-year-old mother was also surprised to see a couple pay for her groceries at H-E-B for no reason at all. She did not need the help.

The people smiled and hugged her and left.

I cannot help but wonder, “What if we all shared in some way at least once a year. Where would we be now.”

In a better place, don’t you agree?

Should this person and her child be reading this, be assured you have hit a home run.

This Tuesday, April 8, at 8:48 a.m. I will pass this generosity on.

Then it will be passed to another and on and on, making this a kinder gentler existence for all.

Yes, you did make a difference in someone’s life.

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