Small acts lead to great miracles
by Fr. George Johnson
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“Bring them here to me”…

Just imagine the predicament of the disciples, when Jesus is demanding of them to part with the five loaves and two fish which was their final source of security. They were in a deserted place and a possible trip to the next town to buy some food could take hours.

What was more frightening would have been the fact that Jesus was taking the little food they had, and was going to distribute it to the crowd. What would become of them?

It is with these thoughts crossing their mind that they give what they have to Jesus. What happened next was definitely beyond their comprehension and imagination. Little did they know then, that their act of selflessness would lead to a great miracle. There was this seemingly insignificant act of theirs which led to an unexpected turn of events.

In our lives too, there would be situations similar to this happening over and over again. Certain situations can overwhelm us. We might feel insecure, frightened and inadequate in our lives, when we feel that the situations or problems we have to face are beyond our capacity. The first response then, would be to protect and safeguard our interests and our possessions. That is where the words of Jesus, “Bring them here to me,” can challenge us and console us at the same time.

When we are willing to take that first step of going beyond ourselves, and break free from our selfish interests and fears, there is bound to happen a miracle. In such moments our act of kindness, directed toward the other, multiplies to become a sea of generosity. It is during moments like these that we realize that generosity would indeed breed further goodness.

Every time we feel inadequate, the first thing we can do is to begin by sharing what we have and what we are. Then there will be many more hands extending towards us with offers of help and this will in turn bring about goodness beyond our imagination because all of this would be graced by God’s power and blessings.

God would definitely do what he has to do, if only we would play our part. That begins with our willingness to go beyond our selfish interests and that prompts us to share our resources with others, especially those in need. When we bring our resources to God, however small that might be, there will definitely be a feast of plenty.

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