Helmet covers guard against concussion
by Karen Johnson
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Pasted in this message is a press release announcing protective football practice equipment, already adopted in Colorado and Georgia, now available in Texas and already put to use by at least one high school. As you know, concussions are a threat to football players of all ages, not just professionals. The damage can start at a very young age without the coaches, players or parents even knowing the symptoms, and as we’ve now discovered, the effects can last for years. This equipment has been designed, developed, and tested to reduce the potential of football-related concussions by up to 1/3. It is meant to be used during practice where an estimated 90 percent of concussions occur. I hope you will review the information and that you find it interesting, and timely. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Here is additional coverage that was done in another state: Media Contact: Karen Johnson 512-632-9636 Guardian Caps Announces Soft Shell Helmet Cover - Impact Reduction Technology - for Football Now Available in Texas Testing at three independent labs confirms impact reduction of up to 33 percent; no reported concussions on field testing of 600 middle-and high school children Austin – June 7, 2012 – POC Ventures, maker of Guardian Caps, announces that the Guardian is now available for sale in Texas and throughout the nation.

With the majority of sports headlines featuring concussions and concerns coming from big names in the league, the Georgia company decided to be proactive and use its material science background to design an impact reducing soft shell football helmet cover. Sweeny High School, near Houston, is one of the first in Texas to order this progressive football safety technology designed to reduce the repetitive impact that occurs in everyday football practice. According to the Center for Disease Control, 90 percent of football concussions occur in practice. “It is my belief that our ultimate job as educators is to protect our kids with every resource at our disposal and if the Guardian can help us do that while they are playing football for our youth leagues, our middle schools, and Sweeny High School, then we are going to utilize it,” says Brett Sawyer, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Sweeny High School, TX.

The Guardian was tested at Penn State and Wayne State Universities, as well as the Oregon Ballistics Lab. These tests demonstrate that the Guardian can reduce the head injury criteria and severity index up to as much as one-third. Field testing was conducted during the 2011 fall season with 600 players participating. Says football coach Gordon Powers of Model High School in Rome, Georgia, “Not only did we not have any concussions with our players wearing the Guardian in practice, we didn’t have to sit anyone out [on suspicion of any type of head injury].” Coach Powers was speaking to the “When in Doubt, Sit Them Out” rule as established by the University Interscholastic League.

In Texas, a concussion oversight team must observe and be able to identify possible signs of a concussion, and remove the affected player from play, even if they are unable to positively identify that a concussion has occurred. The player cannot return to practice or competition until evaluated and cleared according to UIL guidelines. Recent news reports, such as the suicide of football standout Junior Seau and the announcement of Clemson fullback Chad Diehl that he is stepping away from football after suffering a concussion in rookie minicamp just a few months after a January concussion, have catapulted the significance of repeated head trauma into the public arena. It is an awareness that is welcomed to some who have a love for the game, but want available technology to be utilized by every player.

“Texas loves football, and every coach, parent and fan should embrace a technology that can make it safer for our players,” says Mike Feeley, who oversees Guardian Cap sales in South and Central Texas. “When many people are questioning whether their kids should even play youth football because of the number of hits they take to the head, the Guardian could alleviate some of that concern.”

The Guardian is a one-size-fits-all helmet cover made of a soft urethane material that is easily attached to the outside of any football helmet. It is waterproof, has a low coefficient of friction, is lightweight (1/3 of a pound), and protects the helmet from wear and tear in practice. The helmet covers were scientifically designed by material scientists who analyzed all available materials for the best energy dissipation from impact blows.

The caps are priced to be affordable for all players at $69.95 per cap, with discounts available for team and league orders. To learn about the Guardian, go to, and contact the Texas representative, Mike Feeley, at 512-917-4923 or
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