President Obama Pardons Two Turkeys; Eight Others React
by LiberatedWoman
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Just pardoned!
Just pardoned!

President Obama pardoned two turkeys from slaughter, taking part in an annual tradition.  The reactions from the GOP presidential field were predictable.

Governor Romney said there was no similarity to the turkey he pardoned when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Governor Perry said he would not pardon turkeys or anyone else if he were president.

Former Speaker Gingrich expressed hope that the turkey could work as a school janitor.

Rep. Paul said the turkey was illegally detained and a pardon should not have been necessary.

Rep. Bachmann hoped that the turkey was water-boarded prior to the pardon and accused the president of abandoning the War on Turkey.

Herman Cain said he would pardon pizzas if he were president instead of turkeys.  He also made an inappropriate remark about the turkeys’ legs.

Sen. Santorum and Governor Huntsman issued statements as well but no one paid attention to them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!

--Stuart Shapiro

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