Three Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries
by souxtexblogger
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Mere weeks ago, Quarterback Brandon Allen was forced to leave a game due to shoulder injury. Sports can be just as dangerous as they are fun, so it is common for the players to sustain injuries at some point. Both children and adults can hurt themselves playing the sport they love, so it is important for them to be as safe as possible. Three of the best ways to stay safe while playing sports are:

Have Safety Equipment

From football to soccer, to skateboarding or skiing, all sports have their own versions of safety equipment. Padding and helmets are the most common forms, used to prevent severe bone breaks and –in the case of helmets – potentially deadly injuries. Some states even have bicycling helmet laws as a result. So, it is important to know what safety equipment is needed before playing any sport.

Pick the right helmet

To build off the last point, if a helmet is needed, make sure it is the correct kind of helmet. Different helmets are used for different sports, and have varying levels of durability as a result. A lacrosse helmet wouldn’t be suitable for biking, and a skateboarding helmet wouldn’t be of great use in football. All helmets are designed with use in mind, so take care to purchase the correct type of helmet before playing.


Many of the simplest injuries in sports are a result of a player not stretching properly or at all. Stretching helps prepare the body for the sport, isn’t very time consuming, and increases mobility. It’s a simple step, but an important one.

These tips do not always prevent injuries, but they can limit the possibility for one, and it is often considered better to be safe than sorry.

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