Sports Help Children with Healthy Development
by souxtexblogger
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Sports are loved all around the world. Fans gather in stadiums to watch their favorite teams, or crowd around televisions during the Superbowl. However, sports can function for more than just entertainment. Studies also show that sports are key in the healthy development of children. In addition to helping them stay active, sports can teach important social and behavioral skills, and can even be used as an education tool.

Children are high-energy and often active, so it is good to channel that energy into something positive. These games allow kids to have fun, use aggression in a healthy manner, and make friends. Research suggests that kids who don’t participate in sports have a harder time talking to people their age, which can lead to isolation, poor social skills, and even depression later in life.  Part of the reason that P.E. is a required class in most states is to help children form those social bonds, and to help them stay active. Aside from the social aspects, sports also help children learn teamwork, motor skills, honesty, critical thinking, and more. Young students who participate in sports have been shown to be better at problem solving and academics as well.

As a result, many use sports as a tool for education. Letting children have access to soccer balls or lacrosse equipment allows them to associate something fun, with something they might otherwise find boring. For example, having a student play lacrosse, and every time they score they have to complete a math problem. For older students, sports can be used as a motivator to keep them in school, and perform better in all subjects. So, whether it is at home, at school, or early in life, evidence shows that kids will be happier and healthier if they play sports.

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