London is where umbrellas go to die
by Mullet Over by Dr. James White
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London reports that annually more than 7,000 umbrellas (brollies) are turned into the “lost and found” departments of local bus and underground (subway) stations.

The San Andreas Fault in California is approximately 650 miles long.

Some items have been around longer than most consumers might guess. Heat resistant cookware Pyrex (by Corning) has been on the U.S. market since 1915. Crayola first sold their crayons in 1903. My new boxes of Crayolas marked the beginnings of my first ten years in public schools.

Professional baseball is one mutable game. In 1962, the New York Mets were a major league joke as they recorded an embarrassing 120 losses. Seven years later, that franchise won the World Series.

World-wide, almost 800,000,000 people use kerosene lamps to illuminate their homes. Hoping to offer a viable alternative, two British product designers (Riddiford and Reeves) have developed a light-generator system that is powered by gravity and weights. Much like grandfather clock mechanisms, weights attached to a chain or belt pull down on a series of plastic gears to spin a generator that powers a small bright LED. Most amazing to me is that the device is targeted to be marketed at $12 per.

Rotterdam, The Neth-erlands is Europe’s busiest seaport serving more than 34,000 ships that unload 12 million shipping containers annually. Grandiose expansion plans are to be implemented that include port dredging, dock extensions and computer/robotic cargo management. The completed project should more than double current capacities.

How the Sam Hill scientists came up with this stat is ‘way beyond me: The universe is 4.2 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler now than it was 7.2 billion years ago.

Other busy scientists claim that a bite from the “lone star tick” can make one allergic to red meats. In other words, the 8 legged Acarina can pretty much turn a victim into a vegetarian.

All healthy mammals have hair sometime, somewhere – even whales, porcupines and men endowed with alopecia.

Supernovae have been discovered that could outshine the cumulative effects of 5,000,000,000 of our suns.

Oddity from the world of entomology: Various ant species regularly raid the dens of other species and capture ants that become working slaves. Bigger Oddity: A biologist (Pamminger) from Germany has discovered that sometimes the slave ants revolt en masse and slay as many as 60% of the ants they are “supposed” to be serving. Well, do not confuse an ocarina with an Acarina - and have great week.

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