Kindergartners enjoy Valentine’s Day party as February moves to midpoint
by Teresa Janak
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The kindergarteners of Goliad Elementary had a successful Valentine’s Day party.

It was great to see all of the excitement on the students’ faces and to see some parents come and join the party. The month of February is flying by and the students’ minds are continuing to grow tremendously.

In English/language arts, the students are becoming stronger readers everyday. As they focus on blending/decoding words everyday, the students are progressing incredibly. They have also put their focus on making predictions and inferences in expository text. The students are listening to books, generating questions, gathering facts and details, making predictions, and retelling the story.

In math, the students are working on problem solving with addition and subtraction, number representation on a Base Five Mat, and continually engaging students in our calendar routine.

During science and social studies time, the students will be learning similarities/differences of night and day, President’s Day, timelines, George Washington, and Stephen F. Austin.

Third-grade news

Third-grade reading students have been studying procedural and persuasive writing. They know how to follow sequential steps in a process as well as to produce written directions for producing a product. They are learning to recognize as well as to write a persuasive paper.

Social studies classes are working on changes over time. They are studying how travel, communication, and medicine have improved over a period of time. They are also learning about some of the important figures in history that helped to make those changes.

In math, the third grade is learning about congruence and symmetry with two- and three-dimensional figures. Science classes are investigating the characteristics of the sun and the solar system.

Fourth-grade news

In social studies, students will examine the effects of the building of forts and railroads and the loss of the buffalo on the lives of Native Americans after the Civil War. Students will determine the Native American’s point of view about these changes in their lives.  

Students will then examine the growth, development, and impact of the cattle industry on the history of Texas. They will study primary sources of information and cowboy music and poetry.

In math, fourth-graders are learning fractions - working on equivalent fractions, will be moving on to measurement.

In reading and writing, fourth-grade students are working to prepare for the upcoming writing and reading benchmarks. Students are daily reviewing writing skills and practicing looking back into stories for text evidence. Students need to be reading daily at home for at least 20 minutes straight. To be successful in all subject areas, students need to be good readers that comprehend what is read.  

In science, students have just finished learning about natural resources and how to conserve them. They are now looking at patterns on the Earth, including the water cycle, weather, and the moon and tides.

Music news

Parents and guardians can help their children visit and set up their username and password. The website offers a variety of experiences to reinforce and elaborate on the lesson objectives. Children can play games, create, investigate and even take a ride at the metro to other parts of the world to see and hear different styles of music at Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music.

Elementary students have been dancing and playing instruments. Intermediate students have been using tennis balls and even solo cups to show form and sequence to some classics. Recorders are here, so fourth- and fifth-graders must get their forms turned in as soon as possible.
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