Becky Hammon’s hiring a stroke of genius
by Kevin J. Keller/My Thoughts on Paper
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Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has always done things his own way. He’s never been one to bow to social pressure.

That said, it’s all too fitting that Popovich would hire the first full-time female coach in the NBA’s history.

Becky Hammon will sit alongside the likes of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker next season, just months after her own playing career ends.

But she’ll be taking a spot on the bench not because she’s a female or because there’s a perceived pressure to hire a female coach.

She will take that spot on the bench because she deserves it, because she knows the game, and knows how to coach it.

I’m sure there will be many doubters and naysayers, all of them men for certain.

But I, for one, think the move is yet another stroke of genius by Popovich.

Hammon brings a different perspective to the bench. She doesn’t see the game like Popovich’s other assistants; she processes things differently.

In a league rife with ever-changing philosophies, having a coach with a fresh perspective is smart.

That’s why the Spurs have had success under Popovich. He’s smart and does what it takes to gain an edge over his opponents.

And make no mistake, Hammon being on the bench is an edge for the Spurs.

It’s no secret around the WNBA that Hammon was destined to coach.

Basketball is in her DNA.

Her 23rd chromosomal pair might as well be an X and an O instead of just two X’s.

Her ability to dissect just about everything regarding just about every play has set her apart in the WNBA.

It also will set her apart in the NBA.

Well, that and a few other things obviously.

But Spurs fans shouldn’t care about those other things.

Hammon’s presence could very well help the Spurs win another title in 2015.

And, when you get down to brass tacks, isn’t that all that matters?
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