We’ve really got it good
by tryg
  We’ve really got it good
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Despite the negativity, crying, whining and drivel of those blog haters (You know who) Eagle Ford has been a God send. Where is all the contaminated water, the deaths and catastrophes you thew a tirade about liberatedwoman? Haters need to get a job and a life.

I liked the article and reposted it:

We’ve really got it good

by Chip Latcham

Despite the rough roads, highway repairs and some serious accidents, the Eagle Ford Shale discovery, on the whole, continues to yield incredible positives to this county.

In our last edition, one story announced that Ranch Hand, a company that makes all kinds of metal equipment, including bumpers, brush guards and other accessories for pickups and trucks, will hold a job fair on Monday, June 18, at the Beeville Community Center.

The Shiner-based fabrication company has major plans to expand its Beeville operation and hopes to hire up to 70 new workers for its Phase 1 project.

David Kaspar, one of the Ranch Hand owners, said the company wants to increase its presence on South Washington Street because of the number of welders being trained here already.

Also, we learned that a fourth Stripes Convenience Store is going to be built here.

The company plans to obtain a building permit for a 6,726-square foot store and restaurant just east of the Walmart Supercenter, near the intersection of FM Road 351 and U.S. 181 Bypass.

This will be a combination truck stop and convenience store with fuel pumps for both cars and large trucks. The facility will include a Laredo Taco Co. restaurant and automatic teller machine.

In another story, city and county sales tax rebates increased by another mind-numbing amount last month.

Beeville’s payment for sales in May was up by 23.44 percent. Bee County’s payment was even higher, showing an increase of 41 percent.

State Comptroller Susan Combs said, “Collections remain strong in the oil and natural gas-related sectors as well as other segments of the Texas economy such as the restaurant industry.”

Today’s edition includes the announcement of construction plans for another new motel, a $3 million La Quinta, on the city’s north side.

The three-floor, 70-room facility will include a pool, breakfast area, meeting room and weight room.

City Building Inspector Lanny Holland also revealed plans for a UPS Store, plumbing supply store and new church to be built in the coming months.

With projections for the Eagle Ford to become the largest oil and gas field in Texas history, many communities would dearly love to have our problems.

– Chip Latcham

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July 07, 2012
Obviously you can't read, nowhere does Chip say anything about deaths, just you LYING AGAIN!!!


You are a bloodsucking admitted communist socialist welfare alcoholic whos word are worthless. You have nothing and constantly hate those that do, you are pathetic steaming pile of human obese garbage.

Have a nice day.
July 07, 2012
Eagle-Ford has and continues to be a blessing for those in the area.

Of course you will have the liberatedwoman type balling like a just kicked cat but that is the way losers are everywhere. They are born into it. raised into it and live hate, envy and jealously everyday of their miserable lives.

Who else could lay up haunting this blog 24/7, having time to go to every post from editorials to write the editor, it is self apparent and unquestionable.

Liberatewoman threw her jealous rage on this forum because that is the closest she will ever be to Eagle-Ford glory, that is an iron clad bet and that is valid information.

I see that dubious (LOL) chose the poultry avenue out...LOL!!! Maybe we all could go out about 15 miles on my boat for a lil fishing... ;)

You're correct the lame cat blogs will follow. We all know what kind are cat hoarders and lovers, LOSERS!!!