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Gas Gas Gas

Here we are again. Gas is low everywhere but here. It’s $3.22 in most towns. These stations here are out to suck us dry! I still get 99 percent of my gas in other towns. How about you?

Have you been taking care of your animals?

I say animals because some of you don’t consider them as pets. Pets are loved and taken care of. You know like: food - water - shelter - shots. If you don’t do all these, you flunked as a human being. If you can’t afford these, don’t get them. Cute as puppies - boring as adult dogs - yes?

Set a good example: spread love not hate

One more gripe: If everyone would quit talking about everybody else. Keep your opinions to yourself and don’t assume things you don’t hear. Like people in a long line. Whisper something in an ear. As it goes down the line it turns into gossip, slander, verbal assaults. These hurt friends, relatives and in the end the person who started it won’t take the fault. Some people my develop a health problem due to the pressure. Why would you want to cause a death because of your mouth and actions? The truth is don’t add to it to hurt someone because you don’t like them. Everybody get together and love one another, so we can set an example for the younger generation and run this city.

Sandra Windmeyer

Karnes City
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