Respect and cooperation needed in Karnes County politics
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The letter to the editor of February 27, 2013 brought up political issues which were dealt with by the voting citizens of Karnes County in the last elections. Those issues are settled. We now have County Commissioners and a County Judge elected to serve all citizens, regardless of the way those citizens voted. Recently those Commissioners cast a 5-0 vote on a county issue to improve the functions and the ability to expedite business before the court. This benefits all citizens, as well those many newcomers doing business within our county offices.

Karnes County joining together with neighboring counties to hire, and to share the cost of a lobbyist to promote our common interests is, with few exceptions, more efficient and cost effective than sending representatives out of county offices to Austin or elsewhere.

We are in the midst of a raging economic boom. Our city, county and state elected officials and employees are working at a pace unseen for years. It makes sense for all citizens to shelf political issues for now, and to support our elected officials so all in Karnes County can benefit.

We should use caution looking back to the way things used to be done, no matter how comforting those thoughts can be. Forward looking citizens, working together, can create a vibrant, modern community where our young can expect to find good jobs, which allow them to stay in the local area, an area with such a rich and colorful history.

People read the local newspaper, in print or on line, for diverse reasons. There they find news, up-coming event, club news, church news and inspiration, school events and sports, news of births, deaths, new business and jobs available. Nothing highlights the boom we are experiencing like the current Countywide issues. It’s about us.

During the years I taught third grade and fourth grades for Kenedy Independent School District, I kept current newspapers in my classroom. Students were thrilled to see their names, accomplishments and pictures in print. Many students read the newspaper then, and students read it today.

Thousands have moved to Karnes County. Most will go. Many will stay. Our newspaper may be the source of the “first impression” newcomers and young children get of our community. Please, let’s be respectful and work together.

Phyllis Byrum

Kenedy, Texas

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