Kenedy Chamber of Commerce board’s actions are disappointing and unethical
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The Kenedy Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is disappointing.

As a person involved in the Eagle Ford Shale boom I was excited to see that the Kenedy Chamber of Commerce was actually acting like a C of C and reaching out to the oil related businesses arriving.

I had decided to join.

Now I see that the board of directors has placed an ad for a chamber executive in the paper without telling the current executive that she was being replaced!

Imagine yourself seeing the ad for your replacement in the local paper!

This “classless” act has caused me to shelf my plan to join the chamber.

Is the best thing for the Kenedy Chamber of Commerce a board of directors transplant?

The current executive director is known to me as a professional.

I am amazed that when your community has a chance to grow and benefit from the oil boom that there are some that would hinder the progress.

Truly, there are some small minded people more interested in their own little claim to authority than the over all good of the business community there.

Might I suggest that people with a more mature and business oriented thought process consider establishing a Karnes County Chamber of Commerce?

I request the honor of being the first to pay for a membership.

Perhaps the clergy of your community should start preaching on “ethics” as a daily thought.


Larry Stewart
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February 05, 2013
Mr. Stewart,

The current xecutive Director was Carolyn McDonald. She retired on 12-31-12.

If you are referring to the ASSISTANT to the Executive Director, she was just that, an assistant. She was hired by the previous board and told that Carolyn would be retiring in December of 2012.

There was never ANY promises made that she was going to become the new Executive Director once Mrs. McDonald retired.

A Karnes County C of C is a great idea, so is school consolidation, but, that will never happen in this county. There is to much town pride around here and people will never be able to get past that, even though it could greatly benefit the people who live here and our childrens educations.