Is the law for everyone or just a few?
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I really wasn’t going to get involved in local county business, but my conscience wouldn’t let me keep from it. As the old saying goes, if you sit back and say or do nothing, then you are as guilty for letting it happen.

I know several people have been targeted when they don’t go along with the good ole boy system, but my parents taught me from little on, that when something wasn’t right speak up even though it might set you up for getting knocked down. I don’t understand why some people, who break the law, have to go through the proper legal system, but some do not have to, simply because the good ole boy system “sweeps them under the rug”. I know of several instances where this has happened. Do we want the same treatment for all or just those that don’t go along with the good ole boy system?

Mr. Dupnik, I am sorry, but what you have done is a lot worse than what some people have had to paid for. You not only knew it was wrong to work for EMS, while serving as County Commissioner, but after you paid back what you had allegedly been paid from EMS, you continued to work and place your time under your wife’s time sheet. To me this is fraud and you should be man enough to face up to the facts proven by the outside audit of the Karnes County EMS books. The audit is public record and can be read by anyone. It clearly states and I quote “In spite of these circumstances our firm noted that Mr. Dupnik, performed EMT services on September 19, 2013, in place of his wife, Gretchen Dupnik, also an EMT, for which she was paid for the entire shift.”. These facts are stated clearly in the outside audit along with attached Exhibit’s A (Karnes County EMS Duty Roster) and Exhibit B (Karnes County EMS Run Tally). To me this is clear evidence, you should either resign or go through the proper legal grand jury system, that is supposedly written for all.

I know I have lost long time friendships over my beliefs, as one lady approached me in the local Wal-Mart and said I thought you and Darrel were friends of ours, and she couldn’t believe what I was saying about her husband after he was stopped by the DPS and charged with DUI. I told her what I said was everyone should be treated equal under the law. She told me her husband would go through the proper court. This has never happened, so I continue to wonder if the legal code of law is written for all citizens.

Concerned Citizen and Retired County Treasurer

Charlene Blaschke
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