Brush burning causing health problems
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On Feb. 16, about 5 p.m. or so I was told that we had smoke coming into the back bedroom and hall through the air conditioners. We turned them off, sprayed the room and installed another air purifier in the room, aired it out the best we could. Called the Sheriffs dept. and was told they would check it out and call me, which they did about 10:00 pm or so. Officer Ramirez said that it was five huge fires burning outside of Runge and that he asked them to not burn so big and so many. It was a controlled burn and a Runge fire truck was out earlier, and my question was how could it be a controlled fire with the winds so high that night and the danger of a spark.

We are both elderly. disabled, and on oxygen at night and we never dreamed of the danger the smoke brought into our lives and hope this helps anybody else with this problem. And we had the whole house cleaned and all linens washed but Lillie does not feel well but it made very sick and after ten shots an meds, oxygen 24 hrs a day, chair or bed ridden, so weak just barely take care. I went to the doctor Tuesday with a bloodshot eye so EKG, and heart test Wednesday at the hospital.

I called Mayor Lott on March 19 and he said he would check on it and call me back to me. I called back March 26 and no return call. All I wanted was to ask him if maybe someone could call the landowners close to Runge not to burn so many and give us time to recover. Just follow the state law and small burn pile -- no high winds -- at night -- no multiple burns -- The person with the Runge fire truck should have known about this danger to people and I hold him and who gave permission for this truck to be responsible. The city secretary did have the courtesy to call me but said the city had no reason to call around and that I should do it.

If you have family, or friends,or know someone that has a smoke problem, please remove them as soon as you can as we had no idea it would be so bad for our health. Maybe call a landowner and tell him about the smoke problem.

We are moving away just as soon as we can as I can’t take another smokey house and any help is greatly appreciated.

James Giesalhart
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