All government is a ‘laughingstock’
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To my fellow citizens in the great state of Texas, coalescing to the opinion of Mr. Yarter’s “letter”, in the Oct. 23 paper, the county of Karnes is but a needle in the haystack of a broader “laughingstock” for government, (to use the term, loosely).

It appears that we, Karnes County, are merely a blip on the scope of the worldwide view that is pointed at this nation.

The kids in our Commissioners Court may be fighting over each others’ crayons, but federal government is getting a “timeout” for spying, lying, and defying.

The sad part is, nations that used to reckon with the almighty USA, are joining the global comedy club for their own amusement coming from this nation of a powerless people, struggling with the chaos that is economic, social, self sustaining, and pert near defenseless, unless you count irritating the allies that we are spying on.

This “leader”, is creating a national tragedy that beckons for more government handouts in order to survive, and when the terrorists emerge the next time, no one will be with honor to keep them back.

Reference Mr. Baker’s narration from the DOD and Chuck Hagel.

This clown is a smooth talking con who represents the Antichrist, for the love of Pete.

Sorry, I’ve lost the respect for these bureaucrats who get paid, whether or not they’ve suffered family losses in our defense.

Thanks, lunacy!

Jas E Brown
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