Refocusing once again
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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After the kids were dropped off at school that morning and my grandson delivered to his daycare, I looked around my room to assess the damages.

Foam swords, plastic guns of various sizes and types, unused jackets, socks, books, Awanas backpacks, cars, and various other articles lay scattered about. Boy stuff. (Girl stuff gathered in the TV room, kitchen, and dining room.)

Oddly, I didn’t recognize any of these items as mine and despite my efforts to keep my room clear of the debris it all continues to find its way back to the middle of the floor.

While I tend to long for the day that I no longer have to deal with such littering, it does keep the house rather lively when even my 2-year old grandson comes to me to cross his swords inside the back of his shirt ninja-style like his not-much-older uncles do when they play. And I have to laugh when he comes to me after raiding my pantry with ’roni cheese to prepare for him because that is his favorite both night and day.

“Mom! Want ’roni cheese.”

Like most boys his age, he is a walking parrot. If he hears it or sees it, he will attempt to repeat it. When he doesn’t see us for a few days, he will “ask” Momma and Dad - “Go see Mom, Ben, Riah, and Jason Javier?”

Sometimes he includes the dogs, too. (He calls me Mom because he hears my children and his Mom calling me that.)

I’ve taken him to my sister-in-law’s house where he feeds goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and has even “ridden” a horse. He is getting quite the range of experiences hanging with me and mine. He “helps” me wherever we are.

His initial fear of us - the unknown - has subsided within this past year due to his repeated exposure to us. I know we were a bit overwhelming at first. In fact, I found a wall hanging that I hung in my front foyer - “You call it chaos. We call it family.”

We are on the move quite a bit and work on a lot of projects together. But, like I said, we are family and we come with expectations to pitch in.

We are ready to lighten the load and better each of our lives one step at a time. Like a journey to a destination, we have that vision and point ourselves in the directions we wish to go with our overall plan in place. Sometimes we may stray from our paths, but we take the time to refocus and return to the “big picture.”

Whether we realize it or not, when we reach out to help others in need, we are behaving in a “Christ-like” manner. Now I know that in some of my actions and activities the deeds themselves or the results of the deeds will pass away much like the clearing of the debris from the children’s play finds its way back to my room on a daily basis. I don’t always pick it up, leaving it for the culprits to manage, but I was motivated that particular day since I hadn’t been out walking in the weather and I wanted to clear a spot for my treadmill to open it up.

My only excuse to not walk, then, would be sheer laziness ... but I digress.

I realize that the things I do on a daily basis may pass away and mean little or nothing in the big scheme of life, but when I work for God, those things do not pass away.

I read the Joel Osteen daily messages to the children during the week. I put Joyce Meyer on TV in the mornings. I have scripture on plaques around the house.

We listen to their favorite Christian musical artists sometimes. (Please don’t mistake me for being on target all the time. I am not. I mess up and judge and get angry and lazy and .. well, you get the idea.)

The Psalmist says this: “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generations.” (Psalm 145:13)

It’s time to reset my focus yet again.

Lord, forgive me where I fail You.
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