Learning how to wait for patience
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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So, I had this really great idea for an article with it all plotted out in my head. It flowed so nicely that I was impressed with me.

There is just one problem - life. You know, that “thing” that interrupts us on our way to fulfilling all the silly ideas we have in mind? Mine came in the form of three children at home, grandchildren who visit frequently, and all the demands they place upon my time.

I was in my toy store (Lowe’s) the other day and a lady commented, “You’ve got your hands full.” She smiled brightly as she said it.

There were no words I could say to her at that moment, so I smiled back (the cheesy one, but a smile, nonetheless). They are all vying for my attention. They all have ideas on how we should traverse this earthly sod and they all want it their way!


I am not only getting advice from them, but my grandsons and my grown daughter are unleashing their laundry list of ideas on me as well. I think they are tag-teaming me, although I don’t know when they get together to plot.

I want to quiet all the voices and have some down time. I want some space to clear my head and breathe in the peace and calm of the evening. I can do this when I hit the track or the hike-and-bike trail, usually.

That has become an interesting experience as well, however, as five children accompany me there. I am beginning to think we have some boundary issues, here.

Frankly, I am ready for Aug. 26 more than I ever have been and I am thinking of testing Calgon to see if it really can take me away! Of course, I’ll have to lock my bedroom door and turn up the music.

We all need it - the down time. We need time to reflect, relax, and renew. If we do not take the time, then we begin to suffer. Stress takes over. We make wrong decisions. We become “punch drunk” about our lives and allow “stuff” to matter when it really doesn’t or don’t take note of what does matter as we lapse into lethargy, or worse, we get cranky.

Problem is, we need to keep our eyes focused. Funny, I seem to recall using that very word (focus) to my boys when they were “cleaning” their room!

Focus on one thing at a time and keep your eyes on one goal. Redirect your thoughts to where they need to be. (Looks like I could use some of my own advice!)

I’m forgetting something very essential, here. “But those who wait for the Lord shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired.” (Isaiah 40:31)

I remember singing a song of that verse. It ends with, “Teach me, Lord, teach me, Lord, to wait.”

Oooo, that is where I’m off! In learning to wait, I have to practice waiting!

August is just around the corner. I can make it!
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