God can help us through challenges
by Beyond The Walls by Susan Nelson
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Along the path, I have lots of time to think about the day ahead, the days to come, the days past and all the possibilities within that mix - hoped for, realized, and lost.

I had spent the previous day moving one of my riding mowers back out to the country for a larger than a push mower area. To get the mower out to the property, I needed a trailer; one was at the property full of palm leaves my son-in-law left and another was at my son’s house down the road from the country location.

Before I could do that, I needed to get one of my three hitches for my vehicle. One was in my son-in-law’s truck two hours away. One was in my son’s truck in a repair shop two hours in a different direction. The third sat in my utility room with no pin.

I went to the parts store to purchase a pin and put the hitch on my Yukon and headed to my son’s. I backed up to the trailer, somewhat off, but as I turned to get back in my vehicle, my son popped out of his house and dismissed me, “Let me get this, Mom.”

When the vehicle stopped, I began to crank the handle to raise the “leg” (I don’t know all the terms for these things. I just know the doomajingy needed to be raised to lower the trailer and let the vehicle and the trailer lock into place.)

As I pushed in some piece to slide the sleeve to lock the hitch, my son warned, “Watch your fingers, Mom.” So I did what my husband used to do and kicked it into place with my boot.

I asked if I were winding the crank the right way and he took over there as well. On my way to pick up my mower, he called me to instruct me on tying it down - visions of my husband’s Gravely bouncing off the very same trailer running through his head, I’m sure.

Honestly, if my husband hadn’t already gone to his great reward, that would have sent him! I know it made me sick watching it through the rearview mirror. Of course, I wouldn’t have had to rely on anyone else to tie it down or fix it had he been here.

In town, I pushed the mower out of its spot, needing a new battery and not taking the time to replace it yet. The mower loaded, I tied it down with the strap he’d given me, tightening with each pull and feeling somewhat accomplished at this point.

OK, I can do this!

Of course, my son stopped by on his way to work to show me the error of my ways, while I thought it more a matter of preference in the execution. I arrived at the property and drove into the yard area only to realize the jumper cables didn’t reach that far back to jump start the mower.


I pushed the mower off the trailer and around to the front of the vehicle to get it started. Finally, after several tries, the mower kicked in and I got my mowing done. I spent two hours to do 1 1/2 hours of mowing. Of course, I had my 2-year-old grandson to “help” me as well, which may have played a part in the time issue.

All that we know and experience in this life is to help us grow and learn. But, “We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.” (Hebrews 6:12)

So, while I tend to have to do more without Chris, I realize that my life would be even more difficult if I did not have God to help me through these times. It takes me a little longer to accomplish some things alone, but I have been getting things done and growing through the experience.

Even more, I am appreciative of my dad’s earliest training for us all in doing both indoor and outdoor work. And, although I know my way around a kitchen fairly well, I tend to enjoy the outdoors much more. So any amount of time spent there is fine by me, especially since the high temps have dropped recently to the low 80’s.
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