Crazeee Queens!
by LiberatedWoman
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Yes folks, this should be the bout of the decade to take the lead of the Tea Party. 

In one corner, at 5'5" and 140 pounds is the wacko from Wasilla--Sarah Palin.

In the other corner, at 5'2" and 130 pounds is the manic Minnesotan--Michele Bachmann.

Watch them vie for the undisputed title as Queen of the Crazies in a match for the ages.


Tickets available at Ticketmaster, compulsory donation to the RNC required.  All payments must be made in the form of gold bullion since the GOP will be downgrading the USA's credit rating after this event.  No refunds for the event if either contender has migraines.

Front row: $5,000

Lower level: $2,500

Mezzanine level: $1,000

General admission:  No tickets available since Republicans don't associate with the commoners.

Spiritual invocation sung by Herman Cain.

Disclaimer:  Both contenders in this bout signed a pledge indicating that they will refuse any form of socialized medicine in the event of injury.  Neither contender will disclose whether they signed any other pledges that might be of concern to voters.

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