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by HellFire
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One who is constantly on the internet, constantly on a blog site, claims to own the blog, has delusions and expresses them continually, projects their life as they wish it were reality, creates alternate blog names to agree and have conversation. Has extremely low IQ. Not having human friends they post and portray animals as human using moronic captions as substitute for human relationships. Has to follow the intelligent blogger because they lck the brains to have original ideas or opinion's.

For examples look at the two blogs below this one and the one above. 

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August 04, 2012
LMMGMO!!! !!! !!!

I KNEW THAT WOULD HIT A NERVE with libarobesefatazwoman!!!

The truth really hurts her kind, and did you see how fast she used her other names too? LOL!!! PRICELESS that's a lot of money I will collect Monday!!!

Thanks obese one!!!