The Party of So Many Ugly Women
by Saltpork
 Character, Integrity, Judgement
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Now I got to tell you this one made my evening.  Rough day at work earning a little for me and my family knowing the Government going to take plenty for the lazy and indolent.

Now I'm feeling a lot better after a good bit of laughing at this video.....Bow Wow !

Republican Women vs Democratic Women

Join me in a good chuckle...See anyone you know?

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August 24, 2010
In today’s device market and availability, that statement is indicative of your character, loser. Your presence is contrary to your statements.

In your deficient intellectual process if you thought, there was a chance to admonish or show someone wrong then you would be on this blog endlessly. You have proven that many times. However, recent embarrassments on your part have left you cowering in the shadows like your dumbocratic buddies, LMAO @ U!!!

IMPEACH THE ILLEGAL ALIEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 23, 2010
No stories - just have a life with things that take higher priority than playing in the mud with you kids.

Wish I had the time you guys to be here every day posted every other hour - but just isn't possible.
August 21, 2010
Islander and the democratic party, yes they mesh. Seems to me that islander has disappeared once again.

Will he return under another new name, or have some fantastic story for the absence?

All in all it is the same thing as the last 10-12 months for this morally bankrupt dreg who should be serving time for abominations perpetrated against an innocent family member.

Coward, yes in all definitions of the word.

August 21, 2010

Ridicule is easy. It's safe and cowardly. I can call Saltpork a cry baby because he said those Demo-nut women negatively affected his life.

I can call you a whiner because you constantly beg to get rid of certain people in your taglines.

What you seem to label as "bleeding heart" "touchy feely" etc.. is actually something called maturity. Maturity is having consideration for others and treating others with respect.

Reading your posts - I'm inclined to believe one of three things about you.

Either you are still a kid and haven't gotten off your mom's mammary, you just use this annonymous safe little world to blow off steam because of your miserable life - or you're just emotionally and mentally delayed.

I hope the former is the case. At least then, you'll have a chance to grow up someday.
August 20, 2010
The Repubs took it down from whatever website they had it on but it is still up on Youtube for the whole world to view.

Plenty of the Demo-Nut women on the video have affected my life in a negative way so it is nice to see them accurately protrayed on Youtube in all their Ugly glory.

My personal opinion is all the incumbents, with maybe a few exceptions in both parties, need to go the very next time they are up for reelection. I'll do what I can with my vote in Texas while people in the rest of the states will have to make their own choices. Nancy Pelosi is dangerous and a complete but given the district she represents that's to be expected.

I knew there were a lot of stupid people in the United States but I didn't know there were enough to elect an Obamanation. We live in "unprecedented" times.
August 20, 2010
I'm surprised that you left this video up to view since it was removed by the GOP campaign that posted the video for the sexist message it entails. :-(