Texas College GOP Leader: Obama Assassination ‘Tempting’
by LiberatedWoman
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Lauren E. Pierce
Lauren E. Pierce

Hours after Pennsylvania State Police arrested a 21-year-old Idaho man for allegedly firing a semi-automatic rifle at the White House, the top student official for the College Republicans at the University of Texas tweeted that the idea of assassinating President Obama was “tempting.”

At 2:29 p.m. ET, UT’s Lauren E. Pierce wrote: “Y’all as tempting as it may be, don’t shoot Obama. We need him to go down in history as the WORST president we’ve EVER had! #2012.”

Pierce, the president of the College Republicans at UT Austin, told ABC News the comment was a “joke” and that the “whole [shooting incident] was st*pid.” Giggling, she said that an attempted assassination would “only make the situation worse.”

“Insofar as she’s a representative [of the College Republicans], maybe it shouldn’t be said, but she’s made a positive statement in a way, ” said Cassie Wright, the group’s vice president.

“I don’t really see anything wrong with it,” Wright added. “It’s just a personal comment, not representative of any group. Just freedom of speech, you know?”

Public Relations Director Spencer Raley had no comment.

Earlier in the day, Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Edwin Donovan revealed that Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez had been taken into police custody after a nationwide search.  The suspect was found at a Hampton Inn near Indiana, Pa.

The Secret Service told ABC News Tuesday it suspected that a bullet fired during an incident last Friday may have hit a White House window. The agency said it feared the suspect might pose a threat to President Obama.

--Gregory J. Krieg, ABC News

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November 18, 2011
JackBox fired off abusive responses to my statement? Whatever could have set him off? Maybe he's a little insecure: I'm just citing facts. Here's some more information for Mr. Box.

While many graduates of American colleges cannot answer basic civics questions, a higher education does make their opinions more liberal on controversial social issues, according to a new report issued on Friday by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, an academic think tank.

The institute found that people who had attained at least a bachelor's degree were more likely than Americans whose formal education ended with a high-school diploma to take a liberal stance on certain controversial social issues. For example, 39 percent of people whose highest level of education was a bachelor's degree supported same-sex marriage, compared with 25 percent with a high-school diploma. The trend continued with advanced degrees: About 46 percent of people with master's degrees supported same-sex marriage, as did 43 percent of people with Ph.D.'s. (The same sex topic is only one of many liberal issues studied.)

So let's get those advanced degrees, Texans! And let's add civics to those degrees too. This country will be such an improvement when cowboys become more liberal.