Republican ‘Patriots’ Terrorize America with Calls for Armed Insurrection
by LiberatedWoman
  Republican ‘Patriots’ Terrorize America with Calls for Armed Insurrection
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The sole reason humans progressed beyond cave dwelling was their ability to learn, reason, and communicate to form communities and eventually civilizations.  Unless a person is born with a genetic brain defect or are developmentally re-tarded, they should have the capacity to think rationally and assess situations critically to make choices in their own best interests.  Of course, there are circumstances where ignorance plays a role in making bad choices, but unless a person is stu-pid, there is really no reason to continue reaching conclusions with no basis in fact.  There is a notable difference between ignorance and stu-pidity, but both can lead to unwise acts, and in combination, there are few outcomes that do not produce disastrous results for the person and anyone connected with them.

In their quest to transform the country into a corporatist theocracy, Republicans are using the ignorance and stu-pidity of a significant segment of the population to incite violent reactions to every policy proposed by President Obama.  Americans got a glimpse of the stu-pidity in the teabagger movement during the healthcare reform debate two years ago, and despite the availability of information about the myriad benefits of the health law, it appears that, coupled with racism, that particular group is still stu-pid and becoming a hazard to the security of the entire population.  In the 24 hours after the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, the combination of ignorance, stu-pidity, and racism exposed the threat of a violent uprising against the government of the United States.

There are Americans openly discussing armed insurrection to overthrow the government based on the notion that the worst form of tyranny this country has ever witnessed is the Affordable Care Act’s constitutionality.  A list of comments labeled “Hilarious Reactions to the High Court’s Ruling” on a liberal website are not remotely humorous, and only serve to inspire more hatred toward President Obama among stu-pid Americans who lack the ability to discern between a legally passed law upheld by the High Court and tyranny against the citizens of the United States.  A Michigan lawyer emailed numerous media outlets asking, “Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?  There are times government has to do things to get what it wants and holds a gun to your head. I’m saying we have to ask when do we turn that gun around and say no and resist.”

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