Water committee hobbled
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In the June 11 City Council meeting, Kristi Shaw (HDR representative) stated that the city has five wells – one in the Jasper and four in the Evangeline.

There’s lot of double talk by Ms. Shaw on water and no real information about the four wells in the Evangeline in the City of Beeville.

HDR report is considering only the Chase Filed water... why? With a limit of 10,000 acre-feet per year, who paid for this report – the city or Chase Field?

Ms. Shaw talked about the cost of bringing those wells online depending on leases with property owners. What wells? She only talked about the wells at Chase Field; she never mentioned during the meeting the other four wells in the city limits.

Ms. Shaw stressed that the test wells were to cost the City of Beeville residents from $300,000-$400,000 each. These are high priced test wells. What kind of tubing will they be lined with? Or who’s pocket is going to be lined? There are local water drillers who can do the test wells and production wells for a lot less, who have been drilling in the area for years.

One of the last questions on the well subject was on the operation and maintenance. Ms. Shaw’s answer to the question was the cost for O&M was included in the package. That cannot be true because, if you cannot have a definite cost of the project, you cannot project the cost of operation and maintenance for the future.

The water committee is going to be hobbled by the incomplete information. On one side, the HDR report is rooting for Chase Field (wells); Norris and Leal for the RO operation that was voted out by the voters. Who is going to stand up and present the complete report of the river water and the five city wells that were mentioned?

A protege of Milton Friedman must have been hired to run a Chicago School shock operation on the water situation, or are they greasing the skids for future political agenda?

Carlos Perez

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