Unaffordable care act
by Chip Latcham
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Thank you, President Obama and all the congressional Democrats who pushed through the still unpopular and horribly misnamed Affordable Care Act.

This week we learned firsthand at our own company how Obamacare is affecting health insurance plans, and they certainly aren’t getting any less expensive for our employees.

In fact, the insurance company spokesman explained that everything in the industry is in a state of flux as the new rules are being implemented, possibly meaning much higher insurance rates (50 to 100 percent) in the coming years.

Did Americans truly believe that if this gosh-awful monstrous piece of legislation were passed, health care costs would decrease by $2,500 per family per year? By picking up the cost of everyone’s coverage nationwide without preconditions?

As a result, many small businesses are no longer offering employees health insurance. While the president extends exemptions to his big business buddies and congressional staffers, even the unions are blasting Obamacare. Gee, wonder if we can still keep the plans and doctors we like, as Obama promised us again and again before the election?

No wonder, according to Rasmussen’s latest polls, “Most voters continue to dislike the health care law, and 54% expect it to increase, not reduce, health care costs. From the beginning of the debate over the law four years ago, voters have consistently said that cost is their number one health care concern.”

Under the law, uninsured Americas are required to have health insurance by Jan. 1, and failure to do so could result in sizable penalties. Rasmussen said, “Now that the president has delayed implementation of the employer mandate portion of his new national health care law, 56% of voters think he also should delay the requirement that every American buy or obtain health insurance.”

In addition, “Most voters agree a federal government shutdown would be bad for the economy, but they’re willing to risk one until Democrats and Republicans in Congress agree on ways to cut the budget, including cuts in funding for the new national health care law.”

We wish Congress would listen to the American people and pull the plug on this abomination of a law before more jobs, employees’ salaries, medical professionals and tax money continue hemorrhaging.
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