Sermon of the week: After-Easter sale
by Rev. Jeff Brewer, Pastor, Pawnee First Baptist Church
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It was Monday morning when I was walking through the stores with their clearance sales in full swing. One store even had special tables set up in the middle of one of their largest aisle`s, setting up the inevitable logjam.

Young moms were filling their carts with the items they would use next Easter; fake grass, plastic eggs, baskets and holiday decor. One over-eager shopper even grabbed a giant, chocolate, bunny. I thought, “Please tell me you’re not storing that up for next year!” I’m sure there were enough preservatives and wax to make that a possibility.

There are many believers who bemoan the fact that meaningful religious holidays are hijacked and commercialized by our culture. The same thing happens at Christmas. The beauty and meaning of the birth of Jesus is lost then, just as the powerful truth of the resurrection is lost at Easter.

But I say it’s a powerful metaphor for the difference between those who believe and those who don’t. The day after Easter and the day after Christmas, the world’s trappings of those two holidays lose all their value. Easter candy, cards, baskets and bunnies, quickly become worthless. “75% Off” the placard reads, and shoppers swarm the deflated items that just 48 hours before were priced at a premium. If you want the best deal you could ever imagine on a Christmas tree, you can find one free on just about every street in Beeville the day after Christmas, just resting on the curb.

It’s just the opposite for Christians. After Easter. After Jesus had risen from the dead and began revealing His glorified body to His followers and disciples, the real meaning of the real Easter began to explode in the hearts of those who saw, heard and believed. If you believe, the resurrection is the most valuable, spectacular event in the history of the world. If you don’t, it’s just one of those holidays you spend in church, bored out of your mind. If you believe, it blows your mind.

After the resurrection; the women believed, Peter and John believed, the disciples on the road to Emmaus believed, Thomas finally believed, Earl Brewer believed, T.J. Brewer believed, and I believe. It, Easter, is the most valuable event that has ever taken place. It rests firmly embedded in the heart and life of every believer.
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