Sermon of the week I know a guy who knows a guy
by By Rev. Jeff Brewer Pastor, Pawnee First Baptist Church
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I found myself pulling out my wallet and extracting two $20 bills to buy an extra ticket to Busch Gardens for a kid I had never met. I’ll never forget the grin on this little boy’s face. As he smiled I really believe I could see every tooth in his head, including his molars.

It was all Micah’s fault. Micah is our oldest. To this day, you can put Micah into a room full of strangers, leave him alone with them for about 30 minutes, and when you come back, everyone in the room will actually believe that Micah has become their best friend. Micah has literally hundreds of people who claim him as their best friend. It’s just a God-given gift. We first noticed it when he was just a baby. We would take him to the mall in his stroller and people would stop, and couldn’t resist speaking to this smiling, blue-eyed, baby boy.

“He told me you would buy a ticket for me,” the boy said pointing at Micah. “Oh he did, did he?” Looking at Micah’s beaming face, I knew it had never even dawned on him that I wouldn’t buy a ticket for his latest “best” friend. Then it hit me. This little boy had made a valid claim on my financial resources based solely on the word of my son. I bought the ticket.

Do you get it? This boy laid claim to the promises of my son. Wow! I was experiencing John 17:25 in living color. Jesus says in this verse that the world does not know His father but that He (Jesus) has introduced us (believers) to Him (God) so that we might know Him. In John 14:25, Jesus says that when we love Him that God will love us and make Himself known to us based on the fact that His son loves us.

It is Jesus who gives us His word, and His father honors Jesus’ word just like I honored the promise my son made to that little boy at Busch Gardens. Jesus promises me a relationship with His father; God honors that promise. Jesus, promises me forgiveness; His father honors that promise. Jesus promises me eternal life; His father honors that promise.

I know a guy who knows God. One who speaks for Him. One who reveals Him. One who loves Him and me. He is Jesus.
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