Save our earth, please!
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Editor’s Note: The following is a letter submitted to The Karnes Countywide in honor of Earth Day: Monday, April 22.

By the students at It’s A Small World Nursery School

Dear Big People,

Please don't throw trash out the window of your cars or let it blow off the back of your trucks.

Please don't let your balloons go because it goes in our rivers and hurts our ducks and fishes. It makes their tummies sick and they can die.

Protect our water. Don't waste it. Use it again.

When you finish your water, juice, soda or milk, recycle the boxes and bottles.

Use only one paper towel and please, write on both sides of the paper. This will save our trees.

Save our animals and protect our insects. If you don't bother them, they will not hurt you.

It is mine and your responsibility to keep our world clean.

Everyone needs to plant trees, flowers and gardens for food for us and homes for the animals.

Please re-do our water so it's clean and safe, so we can drink it, take baths in it and swim in it.

Please don't pop our bubble that keeps the sun from burning us. Stop the yucky things that go up in the air.

Travel in groups. You can walk with an old person and ride your bike with a bigger friend more. Stay safe.

Please don't waste our water! You can clean the water and let us have it again.

Don't leave the light on. Please turn it off when not using it.

Ask family and friends to help pick up trash everywhere anywhere you go.

When taking a bath, only use as much water as needed. Short showers can clean us. Don't let the water run.

Don't spill oil, paint or gas on our ground. It will make our dirt nasty, yucky, smelly and make our plants, grass and trees die. Don't let our plants die.

Don't leave the water running, turn it off.

Recycle the water you use when you use a lot.

This is our small world. Please save it for us.

Thank you, students from It's A Small World Nursery School.
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