Roger E. Sides Elementary students compete in UIL
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Pictured are Roger E. Sides UIL participants proudly displaying their awards.
Pictured are Roger E. Sides UIL participants proudly displaying their awards.
Friday, Feb. 1, RES elementary students in second thru fifth grade traveled to Poth to compete in district UIL competition. The writing events were held Jan. 15, in Schulenburg. Sixty-three students from RES participated in Art, Creative Writing, Dictionary Skills, Listening Skills, Maps, Graphs, & Charts, Music Memory, Number Sense, Oral Reading, Ready Writing, Spelling, Social Studies, and Storytelling. Other elementary schools participating in the meet were Poth, Schulenburg, Luling, Halletsville, and Stockdale.

Coaching and preparing our students for these events were Sabrina Lewallen, Pam Nichols, Joyce Homeyer, Demetrio Garcia, Saundra Moy, Geneva Salinas, Tara Witte, Casey Cochran, Irene Perez, Esmeralda Perales, Jacque Cunningham, Vicky Quintanilla, Michelle Perez, Nancy Huser, Jennifer Gonzales, Liza Smith, Margaret Hall, Tamyra Albers, Carol Kelley, Belinda Pawelek, Vannessa Chandler, and Emily Gotthardt.

We are proud to share the following results:

Second grade events: Creative Writing: LJ Kroll, Riley Huser (6th), Madison Gwosdz (3rd), and Landri Cornelius (Best Alternate). Storytelling: LJ Kroll (3rd), Jayden Loya, Riley Huser (6th), and Landri Cornelius (alternate).

Third grade events: Ready Writing: Shaylan Wright(2nd), Trenton Janysek, Michaela Kunschik (1st), and Krystina Mika (alternate). Spelling: Trenton Janysek, Reece Clubb, Mari Martinez and Joseph Valdez (alternate). The Music Team placed second overall. Team members were Jaiden Robinson (3rd), Joseph Valdez (1st), Garrett Rivas, Trey Cantu , and Olivia Ramirez (alternate). Storytelling: Jaiden Robinson, Mari Martinez (6th), Sydney Wiatrek (5th), and Shaylan Wright (Best Alternate).

Fourth grade events: Art: third place team members include Annalynn Moczygemba, Joe Gonzales, Liliana Cavazos (4th), and Elias Ramirez (alternate). Music Team placed first overall with members Leticia Perales (2nd), Braden Brown (4th), Scout Hodges (3rd), Madylin Moczygemba, and Geneva Gilley (alternate). Number Sense second place team members included Max Klein (2nd), Damian Hernandez, Anna Bonnet (6th), and Ella Cummings (alternate). Oral Reading: Jentri Cornelius (2nd), Anna Bonnet (5th), Christian Jimenez, and Maddie Franke (Best Alternate). Ready Writing: Jentri Cornelius (1st), Maddie Franke (2nd), Ella Cummings (3rd), and Anna Bonnet (Best Alternate). Spelling team members included Liliana Cavazos, Lillie Jonas, Mireya Rosas and Joe Gonzales(alternate).

Fifth grade events: Art Team placed third overall with Madison Clubb, Jasper DeLuna, Sebastian Segura, and Jacob Estrada. Music Team placed first overall with Kasey Swize (1st and Perfect Paper), Madeleine Franke (2nd), Kacey Mayes (3rd), Lee Ramirez (4th), Olivia Monsevais (5th), Estrella Ortiz (Best Alternate) and Molly Baker (alternate). Dictionary Skills: Kayce Mayes, Brittany Kelley (5th), Heather Boynton, and Rebecca Banduch (alternate). Listening Skills: Tessa Ramirez (6th) and Alex Pacheco. Maps, Graphs, and Charts: Third place team included Mary M’Lynn Feuquay (6th), Kamden Dziuk, Kasey Swize, and Casey Gilley (alternate). Number Sense second place team members were Brittany Kelley (2nd), Cash Gonzales (5th), Alexis Serenil (6th), and Tay Yanta(alternate). Oral Reading-Molly Miller(6th), Madeleine Franke (2nd), Madyson Wiatrek (4th), and Molly Baker (Best Alternate). Ready Writing: Brittany Kelley (3rd), Madyson Wiatrek (5th), Molly Baker (4th), and Kamden Dziuk (alternate). Spelling second place team members Abigail Garcia (6th), Alexis Serenil (5th), Kaitlyn Luna (4th), and Rianna Pacheco(alternate). Social Studies third place team members were Madyson Wiatrek (6th), Molly Miller, Justin Martin, and Tay Yanta (Best Alternate).
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